Cash Rich Properties

Cash Rich Properties

Warning if your approached by Mr Colin Roth aka Colin Caughey about property investing, You need to ensure you do your due diligence on everything he says. He is currently being sued in Fort Myers Florida, case number “14-CA-001971” for the following complaints. Breach of Joint Venture Agreement Unjust Enrichment Breach of Duty of Loyalty Breach of Fiduciary Duty Conversion Civil Theft Fraud Violation of the Florida Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act Rescission pursuant to Florida Statute §517.211 Civil Conspiracy Fraudulent Conveyance This lawsuit is trying to recover the funds of over 800+ investors who have requested the return of their funds invested, yet he has failed to return anything. In 10 hearings so far the plaintiffs have won all 10 hearings, the court has also placed his USA companies into receivership, as the judge believe he has committed fraud. | Her words” He was also found guilty of contempt of court. As he refuses to provide discovery documents. “We wonder what he’s trying to hide, if you’re accused of something you didn’t do. Wouldn’t you be doing everything possible to prove your innocent?” While he comes across as an honest and respectable person, however be warning don’t be fooled! As part of the court case a lot of information has come out about his fraudulent history. Australian history he was the owner of Homes for Sale “trading as Cash Rich Properties” this company he created fraudulent marketing material were he says he made $165k profit on 10 homes. It now shows that he was never involved in most of these properties, and the real profit wasn’t anything near what was said. While he was bringing in innocent investors into his scam, he changed his name from Colin Caughey to Colin Roth. He never told anyone this! He also failed to tell the investors that Homes for Sale was currently being sued by the Australian tax office, and has been since been placed into receivership and deregistered. He was also charged with serious assault of a women over 60 in Queensland Australia. He fled to the USA as if nothing happened, and keep bringing in innocent investors into his scams. He bought 12 properties with investors funds, without ever using 1 cent of his own money. Some of these properties were purchased in is own name and kept hidden from investors. He was also living in properties rent free, and also collecting rent from the others and using as his own personal funds. The plaintiff’s had a fraud examiner investigate and they found that hundreds of thousands of dollars had been used for personal life style. He has sold 7 properties and failed to return any funds to the investors. He blames everyone else has caused all this to happen, yet he won’t provide any proof. The fact is he took the money and is personally responsible, his own bank records show this. Please be very careful with investing with him. He is currently working for Right Choice Realty in Fort Myers and is using there offices to bring in new investors.

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