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Do you find it difficult to escape persistent patterns of emotions, thoughts, or behaviors within your family, relationships, career? Do you find yourself thinking or knowing what changes you would like to see, but find yourself unable to do so? Does this leave you feeling anxious, depressed, or even hopeless? Breaking patterns can be tough to do, but I can accompany you on a journey to discover the underlying causes and work towards a more hopeful and empowered future for you or your loved ones! Have you, your child, family experienced a difficult life change/transition or an adverse/traumatic experience/s that has impacted your ability to cope? As a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern, I work with children, adolescents, adults/families with issues of posttraumatic stress, anxiety, depression, behavioral changes, and other trauma-related issues.Taking the first step towards asking for help is an act of courage and trust! I view therapy as a matter of “what happened to you, what is your story” versus “what’s wrong with you”. I view the therapist-client relationship as a collaborative journey which assists the client in healing and bringing forth their own natural strengths and resilience!

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