CASTING360 Talent Agency

CASTING360 Talent Agency

I spoke to a” Casting Agent” About the casting calls. They said that for $1.98 I would be listed for lifetime on their website and that I would receive an email within a half hour whereby I could post pictures and profile on their website. Usually, I am more astute but let my guard down and gave her my credit card information.
They told me no additional charges would be applied unless I requested additional services which I could cancel at any time and get a refund. I am currently waiting for a call.
(They also have another company called “Talent6” . They operated out of Moldova, a small former Soviet Republic is known today as a haven for credit card and identity theft. Talent6 has a small administrative office in the USA to comply with US Incorporation rules. 100% of the operation is in Moldova including the “Casting Agent” many people have spoken with. In May 2010 Talent6 aka Casting360 was fined by The San Mateo District Attorney $45,000 for False Advertising, Misleading Ads, and Fraud.). I demand Want money back. Stay away

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