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signed contract for Alarm on 6/21/2006 with Apex. There was a condition in the contract that if I move, a new alarm would be installed at new location for no charge. I moved residence 7/21/2008. I then contacted SAI (prev Apex) to have alarm installed at new home in 8/2008. While speaking with Customer Service, I also updated my account/profile with new home address and phone number and was advised that I would be contacted when a Technician would be in my area to install. Contacted SAI again approx mid Sept 2009 was advised SAI finding tech to install. I was advised my account was frozen until new alarm put in place. Months passed, I never heard anything, no calls were returned, and eventually gave up. Then in 6/2009 I received notice the account went to Anderson & Crenshaw Collections. Called SAI to find out SAI bought out by CastleRock. When I was speaking with a Customer Service Rep, She read notes from my account to me that revealed the Company was calling the wrong phone number (MY OLD DISCONNECTED ONE) and sending correspondence to the wrong address(WHERE I NO LONGER LIVED). After working with the Move Group Supervisor Sylvia, I finally had the alarm installed into my new home, 1 year late in 8/2009. It took more than 1 attempt to have the alarm installed (there was equipment missing, not entered into the work ticket created by CastleRock) Eventually my account was put back in a good status. I updated banking info (for auto payment) with customer service via phone. I also had to re-update my banking information via my online account/profile because I found my previous attempt, via phone, was not completed. Now months later, my account has been closed out by CastleRock for non-payment, they refuse to speak with me and the account was sent back to the collection company, Anderson & Crenshaw. 3 days before Christmas this associate was expecting me to settle payment for over 500.00 or threaten me with civil action. After setting up payment option with this collection company, I then filed complaint with BBB of Chicago against CastleRock. And found their complaints went up to 198 and their grade is an F. Now I have a useless system in my house.

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