Catamount Funding, Inc.

Catamount Funding, Inc.

This company contacted all my clients by email without permission. This company was only allowed to contact Account Debtors, of which at the time none of those they emailed had a debt to Compass Intelligence. This company even contacted a client of mine of which I had a proposal out to and interfered with my business dealings. I asked for a complete list of all companies they contacted so I could perform the proper due diligence and answer questions my client had, and they never sent me this list. It is with good business policy for a factoring company to only have the right to contact account debtors and to contact those responsible for accounts payable. Catamount Funding broke all the rules by contacting my clients, prospects, executives and those that were NOT responsible for paying bills and debts due to my company. This company also hired a private investigator to provide scare tactics to my company and this PI contacted me posing as my husband’s cell phone number on the caller ID. I found out later this PI was hired my a lawfirm representing Catamount Funding. I would NOT do business with this company ever again and would advise you not to as well.

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