Cathedral City Car Wash

Cathedral City Car Wash

Cathedral City Car Wash Cathedral City Carwash Damaged our rims, and gave us the run around. Cathedral City California!!. It is our opinion that CATHEDRAL CITY CAR WASH doesnu2019t care about your cars. Just the money. Him: My wife goes and takes our Cadillac to Cathedral City car wash and had our car ran through the car wash. Brought the car home to notice that on the drivers side of the car both rims have circular scratches. They tell me they will review the cameras and tell me my rims didnu2019t touch the track at all. So just a piece of advice if you plan to take your car to CATHEDRAL CITY CAR WASH enter at your own risk. Her: Still pretty bummed about my damaged rims. Honestly, had they even been the least bit apologetic instead of accusing us of trying to pass off curb damage as damage from their machines. When I originally posted the pictures in a local group more than one detailer and car wash staff said that it was clearly damaged from the rail system, and likely not guided in properly. They ran us around for days while they viewed their camera footage, then said they could not see it. I am going to have some extra time on my hands over the summer, I am going to make sure I let EVERYONE know what happened to my car. Anyone looking on the web for a carwash will see this cathedralcitycarwashsucks .com right up there with you! If you had simply acknowledged that it happened and apologized, if not offering to polish the wheels, it would have made all the difference for me. I made a mistake letting it go through the wash so I would have been open to a simple apology. You lost a long-term customer and added insult to injury with your accusations. Edit: I paid like $30 for this wash, car still had spots on it, dirt, and inside was not clean nor was it wiped down.The rims were SO shiny it seemed all the attention was there, my guess is they saw or heard it happen and tried to make sure I didnu2019t notice. Well, good job!!! I surprised my husband with it, it took him all of 5 seconds to notice.

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