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RE: Store manager, Cato – Seneca, S.C. The two times I have visited this store I experienced the terrible behavior of that store’s manager. Apparently I was answering her quickly enough so she gave me the most disgusted look! She did it in front of other customers. I have also witnessed the awful way she treats other customers and employees. She intercepted various times while my register girl was working on the transactions by me and other customers. She took the merchandise from her hands and proceeded to scold her and ridicule her. She acts like she’s on speed! She talks on the phone while helping customers. Even at checkout. She runs around in a very hyper manner. She yells out that customers should buy this or that. She also asks customers where they bought the clothing they’re wearing. This manager asked me too each time I went into that store. A customer had to use the bathroom because she was sick. When the customer cam out of the bathroom, this manager embarrassed her terribly because she used the toilet when she was ill. She did so in front of other customers! I don’t understand why she is kept as store manager and working with people. Customers now have a name for her.

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  1. Brian Gerrish
    June 17, 2020
  2. Issac Karney
    June 17, 2020
  3. Lavona Dolecki
    June 17, 2020
  4. Georgianna Sherrill
    June 15, 2020
  5. Sharron Kaminer
    June 14, 2020
  6. Harlan Blubaugh
    June 14, 2020
  7. Flor Csaszar
    June 13, 2020
  8. Tamie Goeller
    June 13, 2020
  9. Dahlia Maione
    June 13, 2020
  10. Maximina Sandate
    June 13, 2020
  11. Tina Franqui
    June 13, 2020

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