Cavalier Telephone LLC

Cavalier Telephone LLC Complaint

Cavtel slammed my phone service. After being switched from Talk America to Cavtel, I assumed things would run as smooth as Talk America ran them..I have been being charged for calls that I don’t make. They have this per call use charge of $1.25 for every call I made and even #800 calls that are incoming to my phone, such as credit card companies, etc, , , I had $125 in per use call charges in November alone!! I was never informed of this and after checking back on my bill since 3-07, I noticed this was a feature I didn’t add!! Tried to contact them repeatedly. Constantly, you are on hold for over 40 minutes and their billing office is only open til 5 p.m. I work 8:00am until 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday. Billing isn’t open on Saturday. SO, I emailed them with all my complaints, concerns. They said all the long distance calls were billed correctly..nothing mentioned about this per call use feature. Heck, they charged me $1.25 to call my mom, who lives next door! Now, my phone has been suspended and when I try to call a supervisor or anyone about this matter I get the run around ..An Automated operator asks for my phone number and then I finally convince the operator/dummy to switch me to Customer service. Once they do that, I get a recording saying that all customer agents are too busy to speak to me and then they switch me to a automated billpay service, They WILL NOT EVEN LET ME SPEAK TO ANYONE!!

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