CDL Rental TX Weatherford

CDL Rental TX Weatherford

CDL Rental TX Weatherford aka CDL Rental TX, SCAM Beware of CDL Rental TX Weatherford aka CDL Rental TX. Total Joke & Horrible Service CDL Rental TX. Failed the air brake test. I had to reschedule & it put me past my 90 days. I was told their equipment was up to date but it was old, falling apart & worn out. Weatherford Texas!!. Run fast from this company; horrible service, poor customer service & a total disappointment. This is not a professional service. This is a shady mom & pop fly by night business with a old worn out truck trying to make a buck. You would think with the money they charge thay would buy a newer more up to date truck or haver one that atleast is in good mechanical shape. When i first called they use a great sales pitch to lure me in. I felt comfortable with what I heard over the phone. However I read a few negative reviews & comments about their service but I also read postive things too. CDL Rentals TX assured me the negative things posted online was not from someone who had actually used their service. They said it was a competitor trying to smear their name & make them look bad. They said they were in business for a long time & independetly owned. They sold me over the phone against my better judgement & now after the fact I realize I was a fool for even buying what they were selling. They were super nice on the phone before the sale. Against my better judgement I hired their service. I met the day of the road test with the instructor, a nice guy, & we practiced. I was a little concerned with the truck & trailer when I saw it. Definitley was in need of some major repairs & maintenance hiowever I looked past that & said to myself it will be over soon. When it came time for the road test the truck failed the air brake test. It was leaking down too fast & the examiner failed the truck. The instuctor tried to fix it but was unsuccessful. I had to reschedule which the next available date put me a few days past my 90 days to complete. I had to take all of my written tests all over again, that sucked. I asked for a refund & they denied me. They said I used their truck to practice & they spent time training me. They said we could try it again to do the road test that they would only charge me a $100 to repractice. I felt this was wrong & not my fault to be charged because the truck was not in working order. I decided to go a different route since I felt the truck may fail again putting me even further behind & another $100 lost. I sucked it up and came to realization I had just lost the money I gave them on the rental; money I really did not have to lose since I was unemployed due to a layoff and my wife was expecting our new package of joy any day. A little over a month later I had a friend help me get a job. I was hired on by an oilfield service company out of San Angelo, TX & luckily the company, my supervisor, gave me his truck to use. I got my CDL license a month & a half later. After my experience I feel the reviews online were true & accurate about CDL Rentals TX. I could see how CDL Rental TX may try to pass off it being a competitor that left negative review but after my experience with CDL Rentals TX i know the reviews were not left by a competitor and by a real people who had a bad experience such as myself. I can tell after reading a lot of the positive comments that it appears CDL Rentals TX made up the positive comments & reviews in hopes to make themself look great & appealing to cover up the bad. It’s amazing how the internet can be manipulated with false information to mislead people into making the wrong decision. I even checked with the Better Business Bureau & the company CDL Rentals TX does not even exist. Also they list an address of: S Bowie Dr Weatherford, TX 76086, but their is no actual physical address for their business. I find it strange their is no physical address with a street number to link to this business.

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