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Do you feel rundown by emotions? Dreading your upcoming week, conversation with your boss, spouse or family member? Do you walk around admiring everyone else’s abilities and undermine your own? How many times have you observed yourself and have attempted to identify the source of your stress, agony, desperation or sadness? What about validation? Do you find yourself leaning on others to make you feel a certain way? If any of these questions resonate with you, I can help you move forward. The journey will not always be easy, but it will be worth it!I will collaboratively work with you to identify maladaptive patterns of thinking & behaving that are extremely resistant to change. These patterns might be impairing your relationships, attachments, parenting, and/or your professional life. You will learn empowering & life changing strategies that will shift your current perceptions, feelings & behaviors.I work with children (0-5), adolescents, adults & couples, & help patients decrease anxiety, depression, resolve high-conflict situations/relationships, & increase self-worth. Remember, therapy can help you improve the quality of your relationships by revealing what goes on beneath the surface when you interact with others. www.drceciliamarin.com

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