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I have a blog posting and video up about this company. | Please click here to go view it. | video: | and I will paste the text here too: | I am not sure how to start this blog posting. Needless to say, it is not the triumphant return home blog posting that I was hoping that I would be writing about my return to the work force. | So, I will just write the truth and tell you all what happened. | Basically, I was screwed out of a chance to work for a rather nice trucking company. | Why, you say? | Because of a baseless and vicious accusation by a black l*****n woman. | As most of you know by now, for the last three weeks, I have been in Indianapolis, Indiana; going for what I called a “long refresher” with Celadon Trucking Group. I was at their in-house school called “Quality Drivers.” I had been down there for 3 weeks. It was nice to get away from this house and my family for what I thought was the start of a new career driving truck again, after 9 years of being away from it all. | My skills were a bit rusty, but after about a week, I was really catching back on to driving part. My shifting, double clutching and even my 90 degree backing was improving by the day. I pretty much was told that I could pass the driver evaluation with no problems at all. | Then, yesterday, out of nowhere — it all came to a screeching halt and I was sent home on a bus. | In order for me to tell you this story and get the entire story, including my side — out there. I am going to have to share with you my side of this story; the side that I never got the chance to share with Celadon, because Celadon Trucking is a slave to the political correctness mentality and is more interested in protecting themselves from a frivolous lawsuit, than they are interesting in hiring employees that would actually do a good job for them. | While I was in Indiana, I was provided lodging at a very nice hotel in Greenville, Indiana. It was called the Quality Inn. They provided free breakfast, which by the way, was decent. The hotel staff there were incredibly nice, considering the fact that some of the people from Celadon trucking or I should say, Quality Drivers; were complete and utter idiots —- so much to the point of some of them getting kicked out of the hotel for various infractions. Much of which involved the excessive use of alcohol. (Please Note: All of this happened BEFORE their new driving school building was built, that building was still being constructed at that time.) (Also too, I believe that the Quality Inn in Greenville, Indiana has now changed hands and is under a new brand.) | Anyhow, my supposed infraction of the politically correct code was basically this: | I supposedly called this black l*****n woman and I quote, “A Beautiful Black B****.” I do not know this woman’s real name; I think I might have heard it once, but I do not recall what it is now. However, I do know what everyone called her: Nico. | The truth is, I hardly ever had any sort of interaction with her at all. I can’t say that I never saw her; I did. But, I never said anything out of line near her or in her presence. | Well, thanks to Nico and her playing of the race card and of the frightened black woman card — I am now out of Celadon’s trucking school and my prospects of getting another driving job are not looking that great. All that effort; getting my medical card, finding out I have diabetes and high blood pressure, all that money spent down there, all that money spent by Celadon trucking feeding me, providing me a hotel for three weeks, paying all of their staff to see to it that I made it down there and training me to get back out on the road —- wasted. All because some black l*****n woman supposedly felt uncomfortable around me. 🙄 | Surprisingly, I took all of it quite well. My Mother on the other hand —- is damned furious. I cannot repeat on here all the stuff that she said about it. It is mainly, because ALL of the money spent on my part, while I was down there was hers. So, you would expect her not to be happy about this at all. | However, there is more to the story as well. I was, in fact, set up. I was set up by some of the idiots, who I referred to earlier in this blog posting. Who were, in fact, black. | Basically, the story is this here: There were a group of blacks down at that school who liked to, as it is commonly called, “talk s*** about people.” (My apologies in advance to the Christians who read this blog for the use of the profanity) Well, of course, they decided to do this with me. When they did this, by basically asking me a question, which was if I froze while I was out with my “road trainer.” I simply replied to them, that the fifth rule of the contract with Quality Drivers stated that no harassment of ANY sort would be tolerated; and that they should keep in this in mind. | This, I believe, was when the plan to set me up, to be tossed out of the program was put into place. Because it would be a matter of days before I was tossed out of the program. | I firmly believe that the same people who did the “s*** talking” with me, put Nico up to complaining to the Human Resources department at Celadon that I had made “racist and threatening remarks” to her. Which, in fact, was totally untrue at all. | I was told by several people to get a lawyer and sue them. But, honestly, what good would it do me? It would be my word against theirs. Plus too, I do not have the cash money to spend on the lawyer. So, basically, what can I do? Nothing really.

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