Celebrity Influencers

Celebrity Influencers

This is the biggest waste of money not to mention these men mainly need to be thrown in jail with how creepy and disgusting they arer to women. They will tell you that you MUST sleep with them to “get to the top babe” and its so gross. They will promsie so much just to scam you and charge a ton of money. | Then After you pay you dont get anything but a bogus phtot shoot that my mom could do a better job of and only “promise more” if your willing to “work with them closely”-aka sleep with them ir be their instant “girlfriend”. So CREPPY AND GROSS AND A HUGE RIP OFF!! STAY AWAY FROM EJ AND PETER AND ANYONE ELSE FROM HERE!! Call the cops and REPORT anything offensive they do to you PLEASE!! These people need to be LOCKED UP!!!!

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