Center for Autism and Related Disorders

Center for Autism and Related Disorders

This company is one of the worst ones out there. I bought their pitch hook line and sinker, because my child needed therapy. For the first two months they were great, then it started to go down hill. Jess the supervisor started to lie about about every thing. We have Tricare insurance that pays for my child’s therapy, and because CARD did not like how Tricare was paying Jess started saying Tricare was not paying for certain things, like him supervising his therapists in the same room at the same time, or having monthly team meetings. So for over a year Jess would come out to my home for the sake of supervision and sit his arse on my couch for an hour and talk for fifteen minutes on my childs case and then 45 minutes about him and his family, his hunting, the crappy truck he was going to buy, how he liked to bow hunt and try to convince me to do genetic testing through CARD. | After about 8 months and long conversations with my child’s case manager, I found out that Tricare requires the supervisor to be in the same room as the therapists supervising at 5% of the monthly hours billed. There is issues number one, fraudulent billing. Second Tricare allows for and pays for the monthly team meeting, but they limit who gets paid. I even got the codes and gave it to Jess, and advised him that the meeting had better start back up, along with him being present at all supervision. He even did a HIPAA violation by having the therapist record a session, and I told him never again or I would report him to DHS. Issue three, Jess could not keep therapists on my child’s case, and when he thought he had good ones, a few of them were absolutely worthless. One wanted less hours and went to the higher ups and said that she was uncomfortable that I stepped in when my child became combative and wanted off the case….which was a complete lie. She was too much of a low life to actually state that she wanted less hours, and threw my child and myself under the bus. When we did get a good therapist on the case he would remove them, and claim distance, but by California law the company had to pay milage, and Doreen the owner was too cheap to follow the law. The next issue was when they started to doing genetic testing. I asked Jess what IRB or government entity gave CARD the permission to go ahead to do this testing. He said that they did not need permission. | I advised that since they were doing testing on children and children who were disabled, they had to get special cleareance by a governing board. I asked who was their lab was, and he said Doreen owns the lab. Can you say a conflict of interest and illegal. I found out that there was no chain of custody on specimens, and office managers contaminated the specimens from the get go. They stored them out in the open in the office managers office with client information on it. All illegal. While I was finding all this out I did research on this very bad company, I found out that the money they were getting from Tricare they were, and yes that is past tense, were funneling those funds to their oversees operations, where they had offices in Saudi Arabria, Thailand, New Zealand and a couple of countries. Doreen is a special type of stupid if she thinks this could go under the radar. At the end I had a great conversation with the Director of Family Services at CARD, where he stated that Tricare forced them to fraudulently bill Tricare. | Once I was off the phone, I took what was said back to Tricare. It was not long before Tricare pulled their contract with them, and from what I hear in the region that I am living now, they have been federally indicted. I have yet to read anything on it in the press, but most times it does not hit the news until the very end, when a judgement has been served. I am going around where I live, where they have just set up shop, telling everyone to avoid this company at all stops. Every professional that my child sees, I tell them to not refer clients to them and why, and so far it is working. This is a bad company, who only cares about the money they generate off your child. During the time my child was with them, my child did not show any improvement, and that was not because of the therapists, because their hands where tied, it was because of the supervisors who complete losers who has their noses up Doreen’s butt. The most fraudulent company I have ever dealt with and it was my pleasure to help to get their Tricare contract yanked out from underneath them!! | Also, they tried to get to sign a contract so I would have to pay for fees that Tricare would not, like mileage to my home and back to the office for the therapist and the supervisor. For cancellateions, for other things that are illegal. They even tries to get me to sign up for a scholarship that would pay for these fees. The lengths that this company went to try to screw me out of money that insurance would not pay for was just astounding. FYI: find out what your insurance will and will not pay before signing anything with this company, and put your foot down. They have a hall pass, that if you child misses more than three sessions in a certain period of time you have to pay in order to keep services going, no matter what the reason is. Be prepared to deal with the schedulers…they are the most undeducated white trash heathen on the planet. I got into with Kim the degeneret…and Jess tried to lecture me on how I should talk to her, I told him I was the wrong person to mess with, considering all the fraud they were comitting. Once again…stay away from this company…you will regret it if you dont!

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