This company is owned and operated by the original scam artists who defrauded people on the resale side…They are also staffed by several flunkie attorney”s…Kegan being one of them…he”s a two year attorney who”s specialty is aviation law…what a joke??…just what I need to get my money back a jack ### attorney!!! I checked them out with the DOA and Consumer Affairs division of Florida…Tallahassee…they have numerous complaints already filed against them…stay away and good luck getting your money back… FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD CENTER FOR LEGAL JUSTICE SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM CENNTER FOR LEGAL JUSTICE CENTER FOR LEGAL JUSTICE IS A SCAM AND THE ARE A ### RECOVERY COMPANY

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UV Replacement Bulbs

Placed orders before no problems. This time, not shipped, responded he would ship and refund $10. Never did either. Stopped responding. Sold invalid gift cards Scottsdale Arizona!!. I purchased thousands of dollars in Marriott gift cards from CardFlip. Some of


AUTO PALACE, INC AUTO PALACE FRAUD ME FOR $10,000 for providing me service for 6 years audi insurance and step by step refinancing in 6

Auto Lab Lauderhill

Auto Lab Lauderhill They did not repair the problem, took several parts from my vehicle but collected payment for repairds they did not do

Auto Guys

Auto Guys Sexist, Dishonest, and Horrible Mechanics San Marcos, California!!. I brought my Taurus and my Prodege Speed in for oil changes

Auto Gallery Porsche

Auto Gallery Porsche Motorcars West FRAUD WARNING – Auto Gallery Porsche Woodland Hills, CA !! woodland hills California!!. FRAUD&#