Central Dispatch

Central Dispatch

www.centraldispatch.com is a total ripoff site. Cox Automotive allows F Rated Brokers and F Rated Carriers to conduct business on this site despite thousands of complaints from top rated brokers and carriers. If this site was properly managed the whole industry would be better off. | Consumers are allowed to be ripped off every day because www.centraldispatch.com allows it with full knowledge it is going on every day. Shame on you Jack Schwartz (CEO of Cox Automotive). If carriers were smart they would boycott Manheim just so you see how upsetting it is that you treat your customers with such lack of respect. | You are a terrible business man Jack Schwartz and you are hurting thousands of hard working auto transport brokers and carriers with your improper handling of the national dispatch board. If you hate your job and hate this website please sell it to someone who cares. | You are a disgrace and a thief for how you took over this site and then proceeded to make it 10 times worse while raising rates every step of the way. Shame on you.

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  1. Yoshiko Carraturo
    June 17, 2020

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