Central Ohio Transmission

Central Ohio Transmission

Central Ohio Transmission Eugene Neal Completely misdiagnosed a brake problem resulting in $2200 additional damage to a 2010 Hyundai Accent, and then repaired problem with inferior remanufactured parts causing an additional $500 damage. while charging for Columbus Ohio!!. In late 2016, my 2017 Hyundai Accent stopped on the freeway, suggesting a clutch problem. Took car to Central Ohio Transmission (COT), where the problem was diagnosed as a “lock-up of the front brakes”. COT replaced 2 calipers, 2 brake hoses, 2 rotors, and 4 brake pads with what was charged as “new manufacturer quality parts”. COT failed to diagnose that the brake system failure was due to a faulty brake pedal switch. As such, the car again locked-up on the freeway, this time burning up the clutch (uses the same fluid system as the brakes) and overheating the alternator. The car was repaired properly at Ricart Hyundai in Columbus, OH, including replacement of the entire clutch, alternator, $5.75 brake switch, and brake pads. The car ran well until early 2018, at which time the brakes locked up again, this time again destroying the front rotors and pads. The car was taken to Tim’s Auto in Granville, OH, where is was diagnosed that COT had used inferior, remanufactured calipers which now exhibited large tears in the rubber boots of both front calipers, allowing in water and road salt and causing the rotor pins to freeze-up. I contacted Eugene Neal, Owner of COT, by telephone and letter, demanding a refund of only $200 to offset insurance deductibles. They refused to respond to my call, letter, or claim for payment. Their misdiagnoses and use of inferior parts resulted in over $2200 in damage to my car over the course of 2 years (2 calipers, 8 brake pads, 2 rotors, the clutch, and the alternator).

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