Ceramic Pro Americas

Ceramic Pro Americas

Ceramic Pro Americas No service after sale.will not honor warranty California Nationwide!!. OK my friends, final verdict on Ceramic Pro. Product might be good. It does seem to protect from sun damaged. service after the sale is horrible. I have contacted Sam at corporate headquarters who has given nothing but empty promises. Had the product applied in Feb of 2019 and had to have it to repaired later that year.I As per the warranty it has to be checked and another coat reapplied it needed in a year. Ceramic Pro had me contact several local installers after making an Appointment told me Ceramic Pro did not want to pay them or supply them with the product to do the job. Paint appears to be fading and yesterday I hit something in the road and put a scratch on the door that has penetrated this ” almost impenetrable coating, the same coating that repels everything, except the minerals in the water.

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