cerritos acura

cerritos acura

cerritos acura sold me a car with damage & tried to cover it up cerritos California!!. I purchased a vehicle from cerritos acura last year and a month after having the vehicle I started having problems with it. First was on o2 sensor that went bad then a power steering pump then the catalytic converter(they refused to fix) passanger window regulater then finally the transmission. The car went full throttle for a half mile then finally acted like it was in nutral while sitting in the middle of a busy intersection. Had the car towed to another acura dealerhship to inspect and repair the vehicle. They found transmission mounts were broke along with the speed sensor had gone bad and the transmission need to be fixed. It took the cerritos acura a month to release the vehicle to meteo acura to be repaired. In February 10 months after getting the car my wife noticed paint comming off the front bumper so I thought she was seeibg things so I took it to the car wash were almost all the paint came off the front bumber to reveal a aftermarket bumber. I took the car to three separate auto repair places that all told me the same thing. The whole front end was painted and the vehicle was possibly in a wreck. But cerritos acura showed me a clean car fax? It showed I was the third owner. So why did car check show I was the second owner? The car fax cerritos acura gave me showed me said that all the services on the car from the last two previous owners had the car serviced at cerritos acura but when I called to get copies of the service records ( which was like pulling teeth) It only showed cerritos acura serviced the car five times. When I called the owner Rick W. And told him that the car had an after market pumper and three auto body shops said that it look like the car had been in a wreck Rick W. Owner of cerritos acura said he would be happy to trade the car for another new or used car. So I buy a car from you (cerritos acura) its had nothibg but problems almost entire time I have had the car and find out it was in a wreck of some sort and you just want me to trade it in and be let you add the balance of this death trap onto the next used junker you con me into? I DON’T THINK SO. I’ve tried contacting lemon law attorney’s but I can’t seem to find help and honestly I think cerritos acura knows this so they will do this over & over with no recourse. So I hope many people see this and can avoid the problem I’m having . Cerritos auto square is really a pandoras box of dealerships that have flashy commercials and sales people that are really good con artist.

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