Certified Benz and Beemer

Certified Benz and Beemer

Certified Benz and Beemer Jack Schneider Bought A Jaguar and Broke Down 5 Miles Later Scottsdale Arizona!!. I had heard a few good things about this dealership and so visited them in search of a Jaguar XJ. The people were friendly and courteous and although I felt their one price program was inflated and a joke, I did locate a Black Jag that would serve my purposes. I bought the car and that’s when all the problems started. Their dealership is located in South Scottsdale and I live in North Scottsdale.While driving home I heard a few strange noises but because they had told me the car had been thoroughly checked before being placed for sale, I assumed it was just me rather than anything wrong with the car. Well about 5 miles from their dealership the car completely died/failed and left me stranded in 110 degree heat. I was flabbergasted and frustrated feeling I had been taken on a piece of junk. I called the dealership and they had the odasity to ask what I had done to the car. This just elevated my frustration. After a lot of going back and forth they finally agreed to have the car towed back to their dealership. They said they would need to keep the car overnight so I had to rely on my own resources for transportation. Keep in mind none of this should happen when someone like me has just spent over $45,000 on a car. Although they did eventually repair the car, I should not have needed to go through such an ordeal like this and since the car broke down so quickly after leaving the dealership it has me wondering if they really did the “thorough check’ they claim they did, or if this is only the first of many problems that are in store for me with this car.

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