Certified Tire And Service Centers

Certified Tire And Service Centers

Certified Tire And Service Centers going in for an oil change and a tire $600 later my oil pan needs to be replaced !! its now leaking oil !! but they didnt do it…. victorville , California!!. OK, I went in to this establishment to initially get an oil change and 1 tire…because my husband took my salvaged 98 Honda civic to get tires and liked the treatment, so I decided to go there with my 05 Chrysler….off the top they wanted to charge me 130 for a royal purple oil change….(whatever that is…) then upon inspection I supposedly needed a new tie rod and an alignment so I say yes to the repair then he comes back with more bad news….the pulled my oil drain plug out and supposedly the threads came with it, now when asked what happened I was informed that it was put in too tight ,,, i had them replace it with a larger plug because they didn’t have a heli coil available, but when I get home I see in his notes he says the oil plug was loose… so I call to find out about that, I was yelled and screamed at and talked down to, he spoke to my husband all through out the repair by cell phone and told him the exact same thing but said I somehow mixed up his words because I didn’t understand what he was saying, so I said OK so now my husband and my self didn’t hear what you said? he starts screaming and getting irate and yelling about his mechanic of 25 years ( during my time at the counter another employee was bad mouthing that very same mechanic saying he doesn’t do his job ) then I let the man in on what I heard from his other employee… by this time I’m feeling like you broke it just fix it…right the wrong to the customer…. so I hung up on he guy because after spending $600 I felt I should be treated a little bit more respectful than that especially by the manager of the store !! so I called the corporate office…spoke to a “customer service specialist” By the name of Dan didn’t help just basically threw his 31 years in the business around and had an I know more than you attitude…very rude and abrasive not professional at all just told me it was not their fault its a manufacturers defect and that he sees it all the time he knows a little more than the Chrysler service techs because his 31 years in the business….wow…obviously he didn’t know too much seeing i called the Chrysler corp. and they haven’t heard of any such defect….now he offered to fix it at cost to me…if his shop broke it why do i have to pay to fix it…again right the wrong that was done to your customer if your about your customer service!!! if I knew better I would not have went there !! now here it is 1 week and 1 day later and now I am leaking oil !! Thanks for fixing my car guys !! I just want my oil pan replaced but I want them to pay for someone else to fix it…I would not go back there for any reason !!

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