Certified Transmission and Service

Certified Transmission and Service

Certified Transmission and Service Jeff Joliffe Crippled My Truck, dropped off running month later trailered it home not even running Commerce City Colorado!!. Need a transmission in my truck and a guy from work mentioned he knew a guy, so I asked the basics and he seemed well versed! A day later I got the number to the shop, Certified Transmission and Service it sounded legit and Jeff the owner seemed knowledgeable when I called. After a conversation I arranged the work and was told to start there was a deposit to start. A bit unusual to have to pay a deposit and wait a week to bring the vehicle to them, the reasoning was like the rest of the deal it seemed legit. But that is where it stopped, from the minute I first met Jeff and dropped off the deposit to having to pick up my truck on a trailer because it wouldn’t even start…it was all bad. The communication was terrible and all a scam, it started with a bad core so another one was needed. A different core and a week later it’s the wrong case and he didn’t realize it until it was built, so another core was needed and another week…. this goes on for a month. The last week the status became the truck was done and just needed driven, and I started calling a lot and he even told me he would bring it to me just wait. Repeated claims from Jeff that it was running just need to test and tune, adjust the cable and drive it ha said. Finally 5weeks after dropping off a check and 4 weeks of having the truck I had enough, so after he claimed he was waiting on his driver to bring it to me and he would that day it was ready I decided. I rented a trailer and arranged a friend to help and called Jeff back, when I told him I was in route don’t bother with the delivery it became another situation. There was another truck in the way so it was stuck inside and I needed to give him time, as it turned out he was also at home and wouldn’t be there to take payment and give me the keys but also just bring cash. Scam after scam, when the truck was pushed out of the shop not even running let alone driving it all made sense. No new parts, no drive shafts, old parts leaking out all over the bed, and a wrong transfer case mount. And the kicker was it didn’t start so I popped the hood to find the distributor cap off and air filter was loose missing parts! Bottom line he deserves to be shut down and made to pay me back and the others he’s scammed, and you will see the other reports if you even google him for directions to his shop! Certified Transmission and Service, Don’t be another victim of Jeff Joliffe!

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