CFRM VILLAS Bernard Byrne

CFRM VILLAS Bernard Byrne

CFRM VILLAS ( Bernard Byrne) Bernard Byrne Foreclosure home for rent Davenport Florida!!. I was fraud sue to renting out an vacaton home that was in foreclosure and I was paying rent to a person rather than the company. The house was never suppose to be rented out but it was still on the market for customers. The HOA can proved that the company is running illegal business dealing with vacation homes. I can only tell my story but this is my side to a never ending problem for me and my family. I was told that I was a short term rental when clearly I qualified for a long term rental. I was not giving a lease and I was bullied by Bernard and his employees about leaving and I was told that I did not matter. I was late on rent one time because my daughter just had surgery so I was a little short. Well one of his employee name Mria told me that I was using my daughter as an excuse and that she should never rented from me. Marie also let me know that she was going to get fired if she could not collect the back due. After the bullying I did not reply and resultes to talkning to a lawyer that deals with the (FORECLOSURE) HOA(Alliance). I interns did not reply due to the harrassment and the bullying of Bernard employees. Later on My bank found out the house was in foreclosure and it was a fraud and return everything back. CFRM Villas has a numerous complaints but no one has evr stand up to them until now. I was also threated by a police officer and was told I had to pay but them when he found out that Bernard lied his whole story changed.This guy company is an fake and perople like me are falling victim to his wraith. 1. No lease 2. No rights 3. Bullied 4. Threated 5. Denied services 6. Questionable activity Tina F Garner

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