Chacon Autos

Chacon Autos

Chacon Autos Worst car dealership if delt with Dallas, Texas!!. I went to the chacon autos in Haltom City and they told me to chose from 2 cars due to my downpayment. my 1st choice they wouldnt let me have so i had to go with an 08 kia optima. it wasnt too bad of a car, but like i said it wasnt my 1st choice. i had the car from Feb 2018 – April 2018 not long right? April 13th i called the Chacon in Dallas because my engine was making a weird knocking noise & thats where you take your car if it needs to be fixed. I talked to one of the repair guys and he said & i quote “we can fix anything” later that night they came to tow the car to dallas to take a look at it. They had my car for 3 weeks! leaving me left to get a rental car to get around. i talked to the sales manager Robert and i explained to him that it would be hard to still make car payments and pay for a rental car since they havent fixed my car yet. he told me “he would take care of it”. So Chacon never fixed my car, instead they told me i had to get a new engine (BTW MY ORIGINAL ENGINE ONLY HAD 70K MILES ON IT AT THE TIME) and i would have to pay for everthing. me being desperate of a car and just getting it, i said fine. i was told the total would be under 2500$. the total was actually a little over $3600. So they gave me a loan to pay it off, which made my car note now about $550 a month. So to make a really long story short.. I finally got my car back. but i was behind on payments due to paying for my rental car that Robert never “took care of”. 2 days after getting my car back the check engine light came on, i had it looked at & he said i needed a new catalyc converter (sorry for my spelling) & i know off hand those are expensive. so i had to take it all the way back to dallas to talk to the repair guy & they said it was still under warranty with kia, meaning .. i would have to give my car to kia for god knows how long while paying for my new note and another rental car. Chacon finally repo’d it due to non payments. I could have gotten it back for $500. but i said id rather have a repo on my credit than to deal with these people. Lesson learned get a car fax report and make sure your car has a good warranty unlike Chacon’s.

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