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When I was visiting a friend who lived at the Pavilions Apartments off Hunter Ave my car was towed. We searched the parking for signs to find out who to call to get my car back, but all the towing signs had a phone # that had been disconnected. So I called the police and after 5 days of searching for it, I learned that Chad’s Towing towed it. When I went to their towing lot to pick it up they tried to add a storage charge on it for the five days it took me to find it. The total price was over $400. I had no problem paying the tow fee, but wasn’t paying the storage fee. I would of came that night it was towed if knew that they had towed it. How was I to know what happened to my car, when there wasn’t even on the sings. When I told them this they said it doesn’t matter and I have to pay CASH. I called the police and they made Chad’s Towing release it for FREE. Chad’s Towing is a scam and because their the only AAA provider in town I canceled my service with AAA. If their going to tow off a property then should have sings up with their number on it. I wonder how many other students you scammed by these crooks.

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