Chalmer's Capital Quick Lane

Chalmer's Capital Quick Lane

Chalmer’s Capital Quick Lane I went in for a simple oil change and left with 5000.dollars worth of damages to my motor and 2500 dollars in expensenes. Santa Fe, New Mexico!!. On October 5th 2018 I went to Chalmers Capital for a standard oil change. I left and had to return immediately because the oil light came on. I was told that a gasket was twisted and it was fixed that there was no problem but that I need additional work like my transmission flushed, power steering flushed, spark plugs changed and a timing belt changed. That my car was safe to drive and not to worry. I told Slammer that I was leaving on a trip and I need to be reassured that I would not have a problem. On October 12, while driving back from Phoenix the check engine light came on. Please note that the car had been parked for five days after the October 5th oil change. On October 13 I called Chalmers and the same technician that worked on my car came to my home. He did not know why the oil light came on but he told me it was safe to drive the car from Santa Fe to Albuquerque the following day. The tech told me to take the car to Chalmers on the 15th which I did. On The 14th I took the car to Albuquerque and it was not running properly. I called Chalmers and told them this. They assured me this was ok not to worry.I took the car in on the 15th. They told me the crank sensor was broken and needed to be replaced I scheduled this repair on October 17th as well as the transmission flush and the power steering flush and the spark plug change. On October 19th the check engine light went on again Chalmers did not know why it would not go off but assured me that driving to California would not be a problem. I was very concerned but still Chalmers felt It was safe. I drove to California and the vehicle was not running well so I took it for diagnosis to an auto shop there and was referred to a Toyota Dealership. Well I have a timing Chain not a timing belt first of all so that was not diagnosis right. Second there was oil leaking under the car, the transmission drain plug was loose and transmission fluid was all over the engine. The engine oil plug was loose causing oil leak on the floor. My crank shaft was cracked. My spark plugs were loose. Everything that Chalmers worked on from the oil changed from the transmission fluid flushed to the spark plug change to the crank sensor was either loose leaking or broken when I reached California The end results were that I needed a new crank shaft and a new engine. It cost 5000.00 for the engine and 2500.00 in expenses. I was without my car for almost 2 months before I was able to find a way to come up with the money to put every thing together. Chalmers Capital has done nothing to compensate me I any way or take any responsibility in any way for the money time and loss I have suffered. They are in no way a reputable company and in no way should they be allowed to service the commnuity with their low standard or lack of quality of service. From day one I left with a problem when my oil light came on after they changed my oil and they continnuly tried to cover it up and causing more damage incurring more charges. What a nightmare. My car still does not run right. Thanks Chalmers

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