Chamber Street Auto sales

Chamber Street Auto sales

Chamber Street Auto sales SCAM ARTIST. LIARS AND FRAUDS! Trenton New Jersey!!. If I could rate them negative 10 I would. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!! I wish I had read the reviews here before I went there. Pete is the SHADIEST SCAM artist I have seen and trust me I have bought plenty of used cars. His son is just as shady and Pat who sits behind the wall is rude and nasty. However I gave it right back to her so she knows who to get nasty with! In regards to my car. I just bought a car from them 2 weeks ago and from the very start the vehicle was giving problems. It would not start. I figured it was the battery because I know when vehicles sit too long they need a jump. No big deal right? They change the battery. I told them I will give them 3k in cash and pay the remaining $700 in 2 weeks. Sure enough 2 hours after I leave them the vehicle does not start! I waited about 45 minutes before the vehicle finally decided to start. Move it along 2 weeks later; I get back from vacation and the very same day I was going to pay them the remaining balance the vehicle did not start on me on my way to work. It started up about a minute later. I leave work that day and the vehicle did not start at all. I call Pete this fool had the audacity to say its strange that the vehicle do not want to start on the date I need to pay. Are you kidding me??? I had to take an Uber there from work because this fool was yelling at me over the phone. He tried to intimidate me because I am a woman. I’m from Trenton born and raised that’s a little hard to do buddy! I told him we could call it even I will have the vehicle towed back to their lot and they give me back my money. Of course he said no then said he’ll have his mechanic look at it. As if!! I would never trust their mechanic to fix anything because if that was the case their mechanic should have saw those problems before the car was sold! I will do everything in my power to ensure that another consumer do not fall victim to this unscrupulous car lot! They’re used to uneducated people who do not understand their rights and laws as a consumer. I encourage anyone that is reading this that has had any issues whatsoever with these people or any dealer to reach out to your local legislature, superior court, FTC and the Better Business Bureau. Do NOT let them get away with STEALING your hard earned money because that’s EXACTLY what they are doing. STEALING!!On a side note: 2 different mechanics and tow truck guy the guy who towed my truck both told me that Pete is a shady character. That this fool is notorious for doing shady business. They do not work on their cars at all, they buy their cars from junk yards and auctions. They lied and told me they buy from a dealer. That’s a lie!!!

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