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This has been an ongoing problem. Linda Litowsky, Karla Saldana and Susan Harper have been misusing city, state and federal funds for personal use. They have used city equipment to film their own movies for profit. They have conflicts of interest. Ms. Saldana got her boyfriend hired there over more qualified people. Ms. Durchin got a friend’s son hired over more qualified people and later fired the man who trained her friend’s son. They have been sending racist and cursing emails back and forth amongst staff. They are unregulated and have been absent without notice and have made derogatory comments about many people in the Austin, Texas area. They have been smoking and drinking alcohol on the job. They have committed identity theft by hacking into other employees’ email accounts and sending messages in their names. They have made threats to those who complained or retaliated against them. They have failed to be productive and are wasting resources.

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