Chaparral Concrete Equipment Co.

Chaparral Concrete Equipment Co.

Chaparral Concrete Equipment Co. Poorly represented products, very poor workmanship Chico, California, California!!. This company represented a used truck as being in very good running condition. Upon receipt the truck that was a cement mixer truck, had dried concrete in the mixer drum, rusted up and inoperative controls on the rear of the truck, destroyed extension shutes, one missing shute, damaged dash from removal of air conditioning vents, damaged overhead from ripping out radios, missing speakers, air leaks, fan clutch failure, and much much more. The dealer refused to help with any repairs even after he promised the truck was in good operating condition. I had a driver fly to Dallas with a cashiers check and drive the truck to California and he was in the shop 3 days before he even got out of Texas. there are so many problems I anticipate $10,000.00 in repairs. When this was expressed to the seller he said I bought it as is where is and he was not going to do anything to help me at all. He said he was taking me off his approved dealer list. He lied to me, he misrepresented the product, and I have many emails to prove my case. I reccomend that anyone shopping for concrete equipment does not deal with Chaparral Concrete Equipment. they lie to their customers, they do terrible work, and they hide behind very small print on the bottom of their invoice. Shame on them for doing such a terrible job and then not standing behind their product at all. Promise the moon and supply nothing.

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