CHAPMAN BMW ON CAMELBACK JOE AGUSTA (SALES), STEVE SUCKER (FINANCE), DOUG MARTIN (SALES MGR), DAVE SMALL (FINANCE) BOB COTA (GM) LIARS-CREDIT MISREPRESENTATION-NON-APPROVAL OF CREDIT PULLS-RUDE-MISREPRESENTATION Phoenix Arizona!!. The credit and sales personnel lied to me regarding my approval of credit. They told me I was approved with BMW at 3.99%. I wanted to use my own credit union but they said we already have your approval, just go with BMW. Then, 2 weeks later I get a denial letter from Chase Bank. My credit is over 700. Why a denial? They shopped my credit with 5 different banks! I did not approve them to do so. Why did they need to, they had told me I was approved at BMW. They lied to me. The damaged my credit by having 5 banks pull my credit. They lied and mispresented BMW Credit. They did not call me at anytime to tell me they were not going to finance with BMW. They did not at anytime tell me I was turned down with any bank, instead they shopped my loan until they found Bank fo The West. The poorest excuse for a credit company/bank. They are the last on the list to contact for credit. All I had to do was go to my credit union. I plan on contacting my attorney to see what I can do. I have a recording on my cell phone with Joe Agusta telling me I was approved with BMW Credit. When I contacted them 2 weeks later, they said that BMW wanted a higher rate, so they shopped somewhere else. Why did they not tell me, or ask me if I wanted to go to my credit union? This is poor business. They lied and damaged my credit score with 5 different pulls by banks. I would not recommend this company. When I called, I was hung up on several times, lied to over and over, telling me they did no tell me I was approved. I had a witness and a recording of the conversation. I plan on using this in court to prove my case, that they lied and mislead me into a contract. This was very misleading! This was no got business ethics, and this company should no be in business. I see they have other complaints too!

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