Chapman Chevorlet in Tempe

Chapman Chevorlet in Tempe

Chapman Chevorlet in Tempe Brian (manager) Ryan Coombs, Used my information for a car loan without my permission Tempe Arizona!!. BEWARE!!!! DO NOT COME HERE!!!! I am so heartbroken. My husband and I bought our first car here 2 years ago and we went back on 3/24/18 for a new car for me. We told Ryan Coombs what we were looking for and what we wanted to spend. We told him we want a small SUV 2004 or newer, lower on the miles, and we want to spend about $250 a month. He look me in the eyes and said that is impossible but he will look. He asked what brand we want to stay away from, we said we don’t care for JEEP. He continued to say how what we want is impossible and has to have someone else look the lot for what we want. 20 minutes later he said there are a few. He showed my husband and 6 cars. 4 were JEEPs. WTF?! Why would you show me something I specially said I do not care for. Whatever, we listened to what he was saying. Not only were all 6 cars 5K-9K over budget but they also had over 90K miles which we did not want. He kept saying “This is pretty much it. Which one do you want to test drive.” My husband and were completely turned off by Ryan’s attitude and tone. We told him that we are going to get lunch and think about our options. I know car salesmen can be pushy but good gracious this guy was disgusting with how pushy he was. He said “Why don’t we step inside there is popcorn and water and we can talk about it.” I told him again, “I want to leave and get lunch and will think about.” After 10 minutes back and forth with him telling him I want to leave I just walked away as he was mid sentence. We barley got out of the parking lot before Brian (the manager) called us and ask us to come back. We said we are getting lunch and talking we will come back if we have time. (We did NOT go back). Later the next couple days, Ryan was emailing me asking me to come back and why we didn’t purchase. I told him flat out he was rude and not helpful what so ever. Fast forward to 4/18/18. I received a letter in the mail from Chapman. I assume it is garbage but open it. So glad I did… It says and I quote “Dear Applicant, Thank you for applying to us for vehicle financing. After carefully reviewing your application, we are sorry to advise you that we cannot provide credit on the terms you requested. ” Then it listed the Credit Unions they checked and why I was not approved for a loan. Here is the kicker. I left! I did NOT apply for a loan! NEVER! My husband and I’s first car is in HIS name. When I read this letter I was upset because in my mind I see it as fraud. I call Chapman to get an explanation and the front desk transferred me to someone and I got their voicemail. I left a voicemail and responded to the last email I got form Ryan Coombs on 4/25/18. I said he needs to call me ASAP regarding this matter. He called at 9pm that night. Of course I am sleeping and my phone is off. I call him at 10 am this morning and he tries to tell me that I read the letter wrong and that it means “they checked your credit to see what we could approve you for”. I said and I quote “It clearly states on the first line, thank you for applying to us for a vehicle financing.” If you are just checking my credit, why do I have a letter 3 weeks later saying I was not approved for vehicle financing. Brian (the manager) tells me the same bs. I let him know that I will check my credit and see if they used my information for a loan. Sure as **** they did! Hard inquiry for a car financing loan with Chapman Chevorlet. I am fuming! I will be happy to send pictures of this letter to anyone that asks. Stay away for this company unless you want them to use your information as FRAUD!

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