Chapman dodge

Chapman dodge

Chapman dodge las vegas dodge chapman warm springs used cars tried to ripoff my daughter, keep asking for bigger down payment,promise financing to anyone,and dont HENDERSON Nevada!!. my daughter went there to buy a used jeep…they promise to finance anyone who makes $350 a week…she does, no problem…we gave $1000 down..they said no problem its financed…3 weeks later they call wanting a co signer because she’s only 21…i said,ok..they said no problem now..a week later they call wanting more down payment and remove me as cosigner because i already have 2 car loans…they wanted to move her into a cheaper car and more down payment…we gave them another 500..they said no problem on the financing they call wanting me to co sign again after the finance guy said i couldnt because of my other 2 car loans…my loans are paid ahead …i told him what their fianace guy said and the salesman said its no problem now…i told him to keep his car and give me back the down payment…he gets nasty with me on the phone…anyone who goes to these crooks needs to rethink their choice…i am filing a complaint with the BBB also..and anyone who will listen…

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