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After 40+ years working with all-age clients, my focus now is Children & Adolescents. esp. LEARNING STYLE, GIFTEDNESS and COPING SKILLS. Academic success can be greatly improved by understanding a child’s Learning Style (verbal? hands-on? visual? speedy? reflective? easily bored?) and implementing appropriate strategies. Secondly, the Gifted population is misunderstood, often overlooked or misidentified as “unfocused” or “non-compliant.” The identification process is complex, including rapport, test selection & client comfort. Finally, children need to learn and then apply their own coping & resilience skills for success in life.My Unique Approach: 1. Pre-testing phone interview with you; 2. Pre-testing suggestions for child; 3. On-site practice to determine best test and instill comfort; 4. Academic screening; 5. Testing for strengths/weakness/concerns; 6. In-depth post-testing consultation; 7. Full report with comprehensive, realistic recommendations; and 8. Appropriate follow-up.The surprising truth is that many teachers prefer High Achievers (HA) to Gifted Students (GS). Why? HA are good at memorizing material; GS are good with intuition. ~ A HA answers the question; a GS questions the answer. ~ A HA listens well; a GS shows strong feelings/opinions. Only an astute, skilled psychologist can find your child’s true Learning Style.

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