Charles Diamond

Charles Diamond

Charles Diamond Charlie Diamond Stephen Diamond, P.C. Stephen B. Diamond, P.C. [email protected] (708)567-6383 (312)939-6280 Firm No. 57570 Charles Diamond and co-conspirator father, Stephen Diamond – FRAUD Alert. Chicago 826 West Newport Avenue #1!!. Charles Diamond (email: [email protected] and phone: (708) 567-6383 is a complete fraud. This pathetic loser is in cahoots with his father, Stephen B. Diamond (who is an infamous, dirty class action lawyer / thief). You can read about Stephen B. Diamond all over the internet and his shady practices and unprofessional behavior. The shady team is comprised of son, Charles and father, Stephen B. Dimaond, who will try to scam local, hard-working businesses in Chicago and induce them to sell them products and then initiate legal action for a range of bogus claims, including false advertising. Read about these thieves by putting Stephen B. Diamond into google. You will see things like u201cnotorious whistle bloweru201d and u201cthe most prolific tax whistle-blower in the country.” Stephen B. Diamond is a disgrace to the legal profession. His son, Charles, is equally a pathetic loser who try to scam you out of thousands of dollars. He will pretend to buy anything from you to then sue you via his father. Charles had the nerve to directly contact my local business in Chicago with the sole intention to purchase items and then start a law suit regarding false advetising claims or something else bogus. We are a hard-working local business in Chicago, which was scammed by these 2 guys. They are thieves!!! So, everyone can be aware of these 2 con-artists, I have included their contact details for everyone: Charles Diamond Email: [email protected] Address: (((REDACTED))) Chicago, IL, (((REDACTED))) Phone#: (708)567-6383 Stephen B. Diamond, P.C. [email protected] Phone #: (312)939-6280 Firm Number 57570

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