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Have you lost track of yourself – or struggle in relationships? Do you feel trapped, tired, worried, or overwhelmed? In psychotherapy that integrates mind and body, we work through your depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and relationship conflicts by combining talk therapy with awareness, breathing, moving, and other practical exercises. You can come away feeling more grounded and resourceful in your life. Body-mind psychotherapy also addresses physical symptoms such as headaches, tension, and pain – through releasing muscular blocks and emotions held in the body. My focus is on helping you feel energetic, empowered, and able to live your life fully.I will work with you to help you navigate a current crisis or a struggle of many years. Psychotherapy can help you alleviate your pain, increase your awareness, rediscover your vitality, be more of your true self, and continue on your path to a meaningful life.Our work can address many topics – including strong feelings, lack of energy, troubled relationships, career concerns, and “Who am I?” questions. For more information about my approach to psychotherapy, visit If you feel I can help, please contact me for a free initial phone consultation.

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