Charles Ro Chuck Ro

Charles Ro Chuck Ro

Charles Ro ,Chuck Ro FBI agent Charles Ro Corruption exposed. NO plots foiled-lies Other!!. Charles Ro is a mediocre FBI agent who was accused of having sex with underage prostitutes in the Philippines. In order to negate this whole negative affair Ro took up another highly corrupt reverse sting – an illegal reverse sting thinking that he would get headlines and commendations. Ro and others involved will be getting headlines just not the ones he hoped for. In the next few weeks Bouari will file two motions that will compel evidence thatu2019s exculpatory and expose this whole farcical case. Ro will be grilled on the stand. So will many others like Paul Padda ,Troy Eid who is a corrupt ex US attorney. These idiots thought that Bouaris would just fold and give up – how wrong they were. What this case is about – and it will be exposed is DOJ employees former and current namely Paul Padda, Troy Eid and Ruth Cohen abused the power of the US attorneyu2019s office for their personal vendetta/retaliation-most comical of all is our esteeemed FBi went along with this. This case will make an absolute mockery of the FBI, and expose corruption all around. Itu2019s all coming out.

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