Charlie's Towing Service, Inc.

Charlie's Towing Service, Inc.

Charlie’s Towing Service, Inc. STAY AWAY FROM CHARLIE’S TOWING SERVICE IN ISLIP TERRACE, New York!!! Islip Terrace New York!!. On December 15, 2019 I decided to give Charlie’s Towing Service, Inc. in Islip Terrace, NY a call to tow my 1991 Ford Mustang which needed internal parts installed in order to function again – battery, starter, fuel injectors, gas tank, etc., so they towed it to a Mustang shop. The car had only been driven by me from 2000-2008. From 2008-2019 I never had the money to get it running again until December 2016. Charlie’s employee George the tow-truck driver put the Mustang up on his flatbed truck, and me and my older brother followed by driving behind him in my other car during the ride. As the Mustang was bouncing up and down on the truck during the trip, we noticed the rear aftermarket solarwing which I had professionally installed around 2002 slowly became undone, began flapping in the wind, came crashing down to the ground in front of me, splits in 2, and I had to swerve around it to avoid getting into an accident and/or damaging my car. When we reached the Mustang shop, I told George the tow-truck driver what happened and he said: “I race Mustangs and have a close friend who’s a cop in NYC who offered me an extra one for free and I’ll get it from him and replace it for you”. As gullible as I was, I believed him taking his word for it and decided not to call his towing company at the time to report that they had destroyed a piece of my car. Every week thereafter for the next 2 months I had been texting George asking him where the replacement solarwing is and he just kept saying the same thing over and over that he contacted his friend who still has it and he will get it, continually blowing me over, and never actually getting it for me. Once I got upset about it months later, George admits that it would be difficult to get because both he and his friend are busy working long hours. I then told him that he shouldn’t be promising his customers a replacement when he knows he can’t follow through with it. Soon later in February 2019 I decided to contact the owner about it – Charlie (Charles Rittenhouse according to the internet). Charlie said he would talk to George and then call me back the following Monday. He never did call back. I then called him weekly for 3 weeks asking them what’s going on, but 2 different receptionists just kept telling me they would talk to George and Charlie. It became mid-March and Charlie still had not called me back. Then I decided to email him telling him that if he nor George doesn’t resolve this matter soon by replacing my $110 GTS solarwing that their tow truck caused to detach from my car, hitting the ground, splitting in 2, and becoming destroyed, I will have no choice but to post a bad review of his company all over the internet. At this point you can guess the outcome was not in my favor. The owner Charlie’s incorrect response was: “We are not responsible for improperly secured parts. George agreeing to replace this for you and not following through is between you and him”. This is wrong in so many ways. I replied to him: “My Mustang’s solarwing was NEVER ‘improperly secured’. In fact it was secured on VERY TIGHT for the 8 straight years I drove the car from 2000-2008. I have been inspecting my car every week since then during the 8 years I haven’t driven it from 2008-2019 and the wing was definitely secured on very tight during that time. It is not normal to tow cars. Cars experience a bumpy ride while being towed and parts can come off at any time, and this is exactly what your vehicle had caused to mine. Even my Saturn Sky had a big plastic stock piece come off of the back bottom due to it being towed by a different towing company which they replaced. And your employees are a representation of your company and anything they say is an extension of your company and you as a company should be HONORING what your employees say to your customers!!! They should be properly trained and if you don’t want them telling your customers something (that they’ll personally replace a destroyed part) then you should be telling them that.” These d****e bags have enough experience by now to know how to squirm their way out of the responsibility of damages they cause to cars. At this point I wouldn’t doubt if Charlie tells his employees to tell his customers that his employees will personally replace anything that falls off their customer’s cars just so Charlie would not have to be responsible for replacing anything. I wouldn’t doubt it at all… I want them to replace my $110 GTS solarwing for my 1991 Mustang that they destroyed!

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