Cheap Cars and Trucks

Cheap Cars and Trucks

Cheap Cars and Trucks Scam artists, taking advantage of the public Dalton gardens Idaho!!. The dealership sold this vehicle as a 1 owner vehicle that was mechanically sound and dependable. Within days of purchase, it began having issues which they later claimed were due to a faulty instrument cluster supposedly installed by customs or the auction house when the vehicle was imported from Canada. Unfortunatley, further investigation showed that the truck had actually had several owners in Washington State nas never was a 1 owner vehicle, Within several more days, the cam phasers went out in the truck, a cost of $2500 at the Ford dealership to fix, or $1900 through theri mechanic. They falsely advertised, and then sold a lemon thats unusable to a disabled single mom.To further ad insult to injury, they came up with a huge fabricated story about why the vehicle was having mechanical issues.. Crooks= Tina. Hayden Idaho

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