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These clowns left me a message one day claiming to be the sheriff”s office. The message stated that this was “Anthony Edwards” and that he was calling from the county sheriff”s office as a courtesy to inform me that “papers would be filed against me for fraud and theft by check”, but that I could avoid these charges by calling this toll-free number. Of course the call came from a private number, not the actual sheriff”s dept. The message also stated that I would be served papers at my home or my place of employment if I didn”t take care of this matter. Of course after calling the county sheriff”s office, I ascertained that there was no Anthony Edwards working there (there is one on E.R. however, if you like that show!) When I called the toll-free number left on my voice mail by this supposed county employee, I was connected to some white-trash people at Check Resolution Inc. They (all 6 of the people that I spoke with), wouldn”t tell me who spoke to the county, and who they spoke to when they called the county. Of course they never contacted the county, but impersonated a law officer by leaving that voicemail for me in an attempt to harass and intimidate me into paying for a two-year old account to Check n Go. Each and every person that I spoke with at Check Resolution sounded like they might have graduated from ###-U, but most likely, only from elementary school, as their grammar was hideous. They became irate and abusive and began stuttering and talking in circles when I asked them why the sheriff”s office would be involved in a civil matter, as it wasn”t a criminal matter. Duh, they of course hung up on me, all 6 of the idiots that I spoke to, because they knew they were busted. It”s funny how angry they became when they discovered that I used my brain. This lame company attempts to collect on aged debts by misrepresenting themselves and impersonating law enforcement. If you receive a message from them claiming that they are the county sheriff”s dept, just verify this with the county and you will find that they have no idea what you”re speaking about. Check Resolution doesn”t contact any law enforcement, but they”d like you to think they do. Simply send them a cease and desist order and move on. Do not give them any of your information, especially financial information. I certainly feel bad for these folks, I mean, it must be tough only making $6 an hour and living in a trailer park in New York.

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