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Maybe you or someone in your family needs someone to really hear you or see your point of view or just feel what you mean. If that’s the case, I’m someone you might want to know. The best part of therapy is being safe to talk and express how you feel, but that can be the hardest part too. That’s why we might draw, sculpt, sing, move, write, or share stories, movies, and song lyrics.Are you LGBT+? Do you question yourself and your relationships? It’s okay. The truth is everybody has questions. The really smart people look for answers. I can help peel back the onion, so tears can be cleansing, not just a byproduct of fear, frustration, or hopelessness.Anxiety, depression, dissociative, overwhelmed… this is not WHO you are, but HOW you cope. There are ways to cope that empower rather than diminish how you see yourself. I know you can do it. Wouldn’t you like to know it too?

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