Cherry Hill Dodge

Cherry Hill Dodge

Cherry Hill Dodge Cherry Hill Triplex, Cherry Hill Dodge Chrysler Jeep Lied to About a “Black Package”. Turns Out Its Paint. They Don’t Care and Won’t Fix It CHERRY HILL, New Jersey!!. The worst service dept ever. I bought a CPO 2018 Grand Cherokee with 11K miles a couple months ago and now the trim pieces which were supposedly part of a Black Package, which is what the salesman told me, are now peeling. I mean all every trim piece that is usually chrome, has been painted black, but they are chrome underneath. Shiny chrome. The black paint is all chipping off and they dont want to do anything about it. The best they would do is remove the trim pieces for me to take the black off myself, and then re-install myself?? Now I could very do this myself, and the job would be perfect, but WHY DO I HAVE TO DO IT??? According to Jeeps corporate office, I shouldnt have to. So why is this dealer telling me this? Because they are too busy ripping other people off to deal with a customer concern. Their excuse is that the salesman needs to OK the work on my car because it comes out of his paycheck. So lets play this out.. (Mike the service manager) Norris would you come here please. (Norris the salesman) Yes Mike, what can I do for you?(Mike the service manager) Ummm Norris Would you like to pay for this guys work to be done on his car??? (Norris the salesman) No way, why the h**l would I want to do that??? (Mike the service manager) OK Ill let the customer know that you are not willing to pay for the work to fix the car you sold him with the Black Package I’d bet that is exactly how it went. Whats funny is looking back, Norris mentioned this Black Package to another salesman or lot boy with that tone you know that tone when you can tell someone is lying to cover something up because your standing right there, but the other person has no idea what you are talking about yea, that one. Great sales technique but I bet it sucks when it bites you in the a** huh Norris. I will never again buy a car, or have service done at this dealer and I recommend that anyone who is fortunate enough to read this prior to buying from them or servicing your vehicle there, DONT!!

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