Chesapeake Auto Body

Chesapeake Auto Body

Chesapeake Auto Body could have destroyed engine, did not fix what ins. co. paid for; and lied to ins. co.and me Annapolis, Maryland!!. AFter being hit by a red-light runner, who caused serious back pain; I took care of the back and neck before getting car repaired. HE was totally faulted by police report. Since I was concerned about the rental car, and getting one with a firm seatback, to support my injured back, I did not rush to fix the car. He slammed into my right rear tire, ruined the rim, and then tore up the fender, hit the tailpipe, and tore up the back rear bumper on the right side, as I tried to avert his hit. He was covered under LM Eight months later while sitting at a red light, a young 20-something, ran into my rear, after failing to stop. He put a big dent into the back bumper behind me, and crumbled the plastic bumper cover. He admitted full responsibility to the insurance company that is also my insurance co. The GEKO. Both insurance companies promised me that they will accept full responsibility for returning my car to its pre-accident condition; and pay all costs, and for a car rental of comparable size. They both told me I could take it to anyone I selected; or to one of their preferred repair shops. That is all they told me; and it sounded good to me. I selected the preferred provider for L M and took the car to them, and they did not do a walk-around to document scratches or dings, etc. but it was nearly 100 degrees and I didn’t know what kind of nightmare was possible. When I delivered the car for the repair for the first accident( from last July), the Manager said he would call the adjuster for the April accident, to repair the reinforcement bar damages, while he was repairing the damages to the bumper, tire, rim, and wheel cover, etc. But LM refused to fix the exhaust pipe or system that their insured hit. The manager of this underhanded scumbag co. failed to replace the reinforcement bar, under the bumper cover, which protects the driver from the terrrible force of a rear impact, which damages ones spine’ but he told my insurance company that I told him he didn’t need to replace the reinforcement bar. My insurance company compared the estimate that the insurance adjuster wrote authorizing payment for repair with the estimate the scumbags gave me when I picked up the car; and could see that the scumbags did not replace the reinforcement bar on paper. But my insurance company, who posted billions in profits in the first quarter of this year, refuses to take my word, that I did not authorize the scumbags not to replace my reinforcement bar–which would be really stupid, if not worse. They did not demand to see any written verification of such an insane move; but took the word of scumbag auto body shop over their own insured who has a perfect driving record, and has not caused these accidents, and who has been a good driver with the GEKO for many years. My extremely successful insurance company is leaving me with permanant injuries to my spine and an unsafe car, whose reinforcement bar (the real bumper under the plastic bumper cover) which is impaired and weakened, and if hit again will leave me unprotected from the impact of red light runners, and other bad drivers. These insurance company tells me now that if I had picked one of their preferred providers, they could do something; but because I picked one of the LM preferred providers, their hands are tied. But my insurance company never told me that before I selected the repair company; and delivered my car, like a trusting SHEEP, to get my car restored to the condition it was ikn prior to the accident, as they had promised me. There is an epidemic of red-light running in Maryland, and the lawyers protect the guilty drivers, and unless there are broken bones one can not sue the guilty wreckless and negligent drivers in a state that has NO FAULT insurance. But it is wrong to be able to inflict a life time of pain and suffering into someone’s back and neck; and then drive off free and clear, and the victim gets to suffer the rest of her life. I am a retied senior who can not afford to sue for the negligence of either of these two drivers and the disreputable acts of rich, and powerful insurance companies, who spit in the victims face, by denying every penny it takes to fix the victims car, while hiding the dirty rules iin advance of the repair. Meantime drivers keep running the red lights like their lives depended upon saving 60 seconds. Every day I see or hear of accidents where negligent drivers rush to run that red lights or run a stop signs; because there is no camera or officer in view; and they don’t care how much suffering they cause those victims who follow the law, and are careful drivers all of their lives.

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