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The chesepeak investment Inc. in Mclain Va lost our $80, 000 in 2009.Brokers name were Vishal olson and Jonathan. I was contacting with them almost everyday during my account opened with them. These two broker Vishal and Jonathan deliverately convinced me that their firm constantly can make 2% to 3% each month doing the S&p trading. By trusting their verval words We opened this account with them. But they never provided me the copies of my account papers initially. After opening the account We contact with them and talk to the broker named Vishal regularly. Our account was ok up to August 2009 balance was 127000. But from Sept. we see something was going on with our account.Our money was coming down at the end of Sept. We called the broker and asked what was going on? Broker told us it was trading loss and we will recover it. Than on October our account balance was nose diving. From $127000.00 in Sept, it came down 96000.00 I called broker to stop my account to trade. Broker told me to send a letter, so they can stop trading, but broker didn’t told me to sent email to stop trading. It takes time to write a letter and sent to the broker. Next couple of days account came dn 66000.00 I called them again to stop trading my account. Broker told me I have to sent them a letter to stop trading, but didn’t mention that a email can do that. After a week on 10/17/2008 We send email to stop my account to trade and same time I spoke to a senior broker. His name was howard tobias. He explained to me that trading loss can be recover if we allow them more time to trade. At end of october our account came dn 46000 We sent an email to stop our account to trade. Next days our account came dn 38, 650. I called and asked vishalm how can you loose 10, 000 in a day? Vishal told us it was a trading loss. But day before when our account was 46000 why next day it was only 38600? what did they do with my money? Vishal told again trading loss. But We know it was not trading loss this brokerage firm may moved my money otherways from my accounts. Probably stole it. Our question was/is what actually happened our money? They removed it? why they didn;t listen to us when we told ’em to stop trading our account. Please help us if you can do anything to recover our money.

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