CHEVROLET GMC, cadillac, suburban, tahoe, yukon Chevrolet disappoinment boca raton Florida!!. My truck has such a terrible rough idle problem that it shakes like a massage seat at stops, the joints of the body of the car look like re-assembled from a wreck, The doors don’t line up straight from factory, every week a new noise comes out somewhere, rattling dashboard, squeaking wheels at turns, clacking doors and many other unidentified funny noises… there was a hairline on the side plastic cover of the middle seat which turned into a big crack and is getting bigger, the left rear tire makes a freaking friction sound in park gear when I get in and out of the car, driver seat started making a ticking sound at hard brakes, now it is loose, it jolts and thuds at shifting gears… They gave the car back to me saying they already fixed the rough idle problem but it has certainly the same nuisance and now they deny trying to fix it again admitting that rough idle is a common and a tolerable issue with these cars. Even tractors and reapers donu2019t shake as this new u201cluxury car.u201d They didnu2019t even allow me to have a test drive to see if the other trucks have the same issues as mine until I pretended that I was a buyer. You are their fool customer until they sell you their junk. The following day of the purchase I took it back to the dealer to return right after I realized the defects but they rejected to get it back literally saying that it is not a Walmart product to return. Each time I take it to the service they just tell me they canu2019t duplicate the problem and let me get away with the junk. The only thing they help you with is changing oil at the service. They are telling me to trade in charging me the price of a Harley Davidson, paying the price of a bike. This car literally took my joy of life. I assumed having and driving such an expensive car would be fun not a nightmare. It has been about 7 months since I bought it, I already have over 20.000 miles on it and I have only a few thousands miles warranty left. They will rip me off every time I take it to the service after warranty expires. Chevy must be the only new car which feels like a wreck from the first day. This is my eighth car in my life and I feel the remorse of a cheater husband on his loyal and chaste wife for not buying my favorite brand which never caused me any trouble. Now I take it as a social and spiritual responsibility to warn people not to buy GM trucks like Tahoe, Suburban, Cadillac, or GMC.

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