Chevrolet of Irvine

Chevrolet of Irvine

Chevrolet of Irvine DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE! Irvine, California!!. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR FOR SERVICE HERE! Look at all the number of bad reviews they have on YELP and consider all your options! I got ripped off here. My truck was towed there and would not start. They charged me $110 for complete diagnostic and for a total of $500…told me they had to remove the injectors and charged me $50 for gasket kit and then tell me the short was located under the injectors. I drive car home and same night car stalls again. I have the truck towed there again and they charge me another $110 and they have the nerve to blame Pep Boys and that Pep Boys left the wiring harness and plug wires on the exhaust and that is what caused the 2nd stall. REALLY????? Your mechanic didn’t see all the plug wires and wiring harness hanging on the exhaust the first time you charged me $110 for the diagnostic and now you want to blame Pep Boys?????? Very poor ethics and workmanship and this is why no one trust dealerships or the auto industry for anything. Their mechanics don’t have the decency to put the plug wires back in their clips and give back my car with burnt plug wires touching the exhaust, and 3 of the plug wires were burnt to the inside material, which was a major liability and my car could of caught on fire or I could have lost control of my truck when it stalled again and could of made me crash!!! They offered me $110 for 2nd trip cost, only if I removed my bad review on YELP and I refused and I am now disputing charges with VISA and my credit card company and taking them to small claims after that. I also reported them to the BBB and they didn’t respond to my complaint so the complaint stays on BBB’s site for others to see. DO NOT TRUST YOUR CAR HERE! YOUR LIFE WILL BE IN DANGER with how they work on your car and miss simple things and take no responsibility. They are a disgrace to the auto industry! It’s obvious all the 5 star reviews on YELP are their family members posting for them. So sad how low they go to add good reviews. Sad!

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