Chicago Northside Toyota

Chicago Northside Toyota

This dealership is total fraud, shameless liar. Their price is much higher than other dealers. Their so-called “beat other dealer’s quote by up-to $500” is purely a fraudulent trick to cheat unaware customers of money. | I was looking at a new RAV4 in another dealer. They promised me that they can beat the quote from this dealer, so that I driven more than 1 hour to go to their place. They confirmed that they can beat the quote. In reality, they just calculated a fraudulent OTD price and tried to cheat me. Their OTD price is $1400!, (yes, it is not a mistake, I meant $1400!) more than what I got from the former dealer. It’s simply fraud. | What is more outrageous is their shameless and roguish attitude when I pointed out their fraudulent lie. They didn’t have even the minimum decency or honesty. These are all the real facts and I kept the record. | Avoid this dealer and save your money.

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