When I order at the Chic-fil-A locations in Pearland and Sugarland TX they do nasty things to my food from spitting to bad preparation. I have called the corporate office, complained to management, and really begged for them to prepare my food properly but they have refused. I’m an openly gay woman. Regardless of my faith, sexual orientation, gender, or personal opinions I deserve to receive food prepared in a safe manner. I don’t know if my food is being tampered with because they just don’t like me or if it’s because I’m gay. This has been going on at these locations for years. And on occasions I have purchased food for children. I’ve expressed this to the corporate office that on occasion food is purchased for children. If they do this to me, they can do it to you as well. I’m asking employees at these locations to respond anonymously or just come forward about this. I’m ready to sue. And all attorneys please contact me. I know that I can subpoena these employees to testify if necessary. Any lying under oath is punishable by three years in prison. But I’m hoping that employees of these two locations who may have worked there previously or currently will help me end this. And they know who I am. | I love the food at Chick-fil-A. I usually go through the drive through to remain anonymous but when they see that it’s me they send the food back to the kitchen to do another order. When I can clearly see a kid’s meal sitting there. Again some food has been bought for children. This was happening on every single visit. I’ve even seen employees lean over my drink taking it out of view underneath the napkins etc. as they are spit in my beverage. There have been employees get in the way of another employee and I can see that employee spitting in an ice cream cone. I have called the corporate office and made these complaints. Nothing has changed. Again these people know me. Please respond if you are willing to do the right thing, the “Christian thing”. As Chick-fil-A prides itself in being an all about God kind of business. And again perhaps the fact that I’m a proud openly gay woman is the reason I’m treated in this way. But I’m ready to fight. I will be suing and I’m asking for your help. Please respond through this site by email. It would be much appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

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