Stan Luther Shown one coop, paid for coop – was built an entirely smaller coop. Greensboro North Carolina!!. Iu2019m incredibly hesitant to post this, as Iu2019m not the type to EVER write negative reviews, but Iu2019d like to warn friends against this company. On October 2nd a friend tagged me in a post of a local coop building company [] I responded back to her tag & stated that the coop would be perfect. The owner [Stan Luther] reached out to me in a private message on FB and things went from there. We landed up purchasing two coops, [Over $1000] everything ran absolutely smooth when it came to actually paying invoices and setting up delivery. That is, until he came and delivered. Mr. Luther requested an upfront non-refundable deposit. That was paid within 24 hours, & we decided to also pay the remaining balance on the coops – so that everything would be completely paid for and we wouldnu2019t have to worry. Hindsight, we should have paid the remaining balance on delivery. We felt safe in this decision based on all of the positive reviews. He came on 10.22.18 and delivered, but when he delivered – the coops were NOT put together, he literally built them on our property. [I had no problem with that, but was confused as he stated in our messages that he needed to build them, and thatu2019s why we waited 2 weeks for delivery] I kept looking outside and the coops looked nothing like what we purchased. I did NOT say anything, because I felt like perhaps this was a mistake on my part – [Iu2019m a pretty busy Mama of two PLUS Iu2019m on several medications for breast cancer – so getting a little confused every now and again isnu2019t something new] and I didnu2019t want to look like a fool. Stan left, and once he left I sat down and looked through all of our messages, I saw absolutely nothing in our messages that would warrant THIS much of a change. Obviously in the picture he sent me, the door would be tall enough for me to walk in & out of, the coop would also contain nesting boxes as well as roosting bars. This coop was also big enough to add more to our flock, and obviously the coop he built me could fit two at max. The coop he built me, I cannot fit through the door, there is NO nesting boxes, and NO roosting bars. There is absolutely nothing in there to keep my birds safe and warm at night, itu2019s literally a box with three random slats [That could potentially be hazardous to my ducks due to getting their foot stuck in the small space between slats and hardware cloth.] and a tin roof. I tried my absolute best to be civil with Mr. Luther, I texted him about 45 minutes after he left and explained to him that we did NOT get what we paid for, and he had absolutely no resolution. [Told me that I could be raised on blocks or a wooden base – that helps absolutely NOTHING.] Basically we were stuck with what we got. I explained to Mr. Luther that I would be opening a dispute with PayPal, something that I really didnu2019t want to do as I felt like this was something that two adults could very easily come to an agreement, he then became incredibly antagonistic and rude. My husband attempted to contact Mr. Luther as well, as soon as he picked up the phone my husband asked him what was going on with this coop, and why was it not the coop originally that we were sent photos of – the one we agreed upon. Mr. Luther began screaming at my husband stating ‘he wasnu2019t even the customer, so he didnu2019t have to answer nor speak to him!u2019 My husband did cuss him out & tell Mr. Luther that he scammed us. With that, Mr. Luther hung up and began texting me being antagonistic, and lying stating my husband threatened him [I was standing there listening to the entire conversation, there was NEVER a threat.] Mr. Luther than began to lie on my behalf – stating that ‘we had a phone conversation, I was informed of all these changes to the coop – he was VERY detailed in those changes, and that I apparently agreed to those changes. [I have never spoken to Mr. Luther on the phone, all communications have been through either FB messenger or text messages, so I KNEW that there was never a mention that this much of a change would be made.] At the end of the day, we were sent photos of a very specific coop, we were invoiced for that coop, but were built a very small inexpensive coop instead – and like anyone would be – we are angry and feel completely taken advantage of. Let this serve as a warning for anyone who wants to do business with [Stan Luther]

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