Chico towing

Chico towing

Chico towing Stacey tucker Predatory towing Bremerton Washington!!. Chico towing is a tow company with slim shady business practices, my car was parked awaiting a transport company to pick it up at winco grocery store in bremerton wa. We had permission from the store to keep it there until after the 4 of july holiday was over they r open 24hrs large parking lot my car was under a car cover and was perfectly legal with current tags and everything not an abandoned or by any means in the way or blocking or bothering anyone. The car remained there for a few days with winco stateing we dont tow cars from here,no problem it will be safe here until the transport company arrives to pick it up. After the holiday was over i arrived at the store to check on the car and found it to be just fine i started it up to make sure the transport co. Could drive it on transport truck and left the keys in a agreed upon location for the driver to get when he arrived, we then went across the street and checked in to a hotel , super 8 i think, at that time it was around 2pm ,after about 4 hours or so i walked back across the street to get a few things from winco and to my horror discovered the car was gone, when we checked with the store which by the way had both the wife and my phone numbers at the customer service desk in case they had any problems they could get a hold of us, we were actually staying at the hotel that day right across the street,. We checked with the store and they told us chico towing had towed it to there impound lot,after contacting chico towing they told us we could pick up the car after we paid them 245 dollars for the towing charge, after retreiving the car and paying the towing charge we asked winco about this and were lied to by the store manager chris wilkens who said i dont know anything about this,when earlier my wife talked to a girl that worked at customer service and she told the manager about the car gave him our number,but we never received a call an we were right across the street .the manager at winco knows the tow truck driver at chico and most likely had my car towed so he could purchase it at one of chicos many auctions where poor peoples cars go after they are told the towing and storage fees have added up to hundreds even thousands in some cases and they cannot afford to pay to get it back, thats what i believe was to happen to my 1975 chevrolet nova.

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