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I do not know who else to turn to so I am hoping that this letter will be read and that I might be able to get some assistance and guidance regarding my case. | I am currently in a fierce battle which involves Child Protective Services. Immediately after I separated from my spouse, CPS showed up at my door to investigate a variety of false allegations made against me by the ex. In that particular instance nothing was found so I did not hear anything back from them. | Later on, CPS was called on my by a few individuals who witness the state of neglect my child was in when brought over for visitations. A case was opened in Bellingham, WA (place where my ex spouse chose to move to with my child) and a caseworker was assigned to investigate. Immediately after this happened, my ex spouse called one of my friends, laughing about being contacted by the caseworker, stating that the caseworker apologized for the call stating that he “knew the accusations had no merit” but he had to do his job and call anyway, and that I had another thing coming. | Sure enough, the case against my spouse was closed as unfounded, my spouse was declared a great father, and within days I was accused of sexually molesting my own daughter. My ex spouse was gleaming and rushed to present this accusation to court, without any details in merit. No further information was provided except for the fact that I was now prohibited from having ANY contact with my child. In the meantime, we obtained a declaration from the person the ex-spouse declared that was the reporting party, declaration in which said individual denies any such report against my person. | The court appointed a GAL to investigate and obtain the CPS records. Sadly, not only did the caseworker (and the supervisor) did not have a clear explanation of what happened, but they refused to turn ANYTHING over. In the meantime, I am being investigated by CPS, by the Everett PD, by Dawson Place and who knows who else, and I get to have sporadic visitations with my child as my ex spouse is bent on not having me have ANY contact with my child. In the meantime my ex spouse parties on, claims poverty while his lifestyle does not match his words (brand new luxury car, baby sitter/nanny, super electronics, improvements to his residence, etc. – all while he is on state unemployment), refuses to work (in public), and has publicly made it clear that his intent is to destroy me in any way possible. | I am respectfully asking for your support and assistance in the investigation of this case. I have filed a complaint against the Bellingham caseworker but do not have high hopes that anything will be revealed or that I will be able to get to the truth. The GAL in this case is getting roadblocks raised at every corner and to this date was not able to obtain any concrete information about the case or the investigation. My dissolution and custody court case are in limbo pending the outcome of the mysterious CPS investigation. My life has been a nightmare morally, emotionally and financially. | Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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  1. Julia Deemer
    June 16, 2020

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