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I had psychic readings by both Chinhee and Sunhee Park. Inspired after reading the gushing reviews, and I was amazed….. by the amount of questions, guesswork, vague answers and totally inaccurate timelines. I thought there had to be a mistake, so tried the other sister, same exact style, zero accuracy- huge disappointment.Nothing fit or applied, so I went back to look into the reviews and the more I read, the more it dawned on me how most of the people were easily impressed by even a hint of positive information, taking the most ambiguous detail then forcing its connection into their lives, as remote as it is, because they WANT to believe. It wasn’t until I read through a few blogs with people describing their super insightful readings, and their answers, that others pointed out how anyone could have gotten that, or how it was just saying what they wanted to hear or have confirmed. There wasn’t one review indicating a prediction came true, rather it was the gushers who ended up admitting “well, now that I think about it, the job didn’t happen, or the guy called it off or the move fell through…” that’s exactly what happened with me. | A truly gifted psychic should never be more concerned with money than using their gift to provide answers, help, support and guidance to people. They rarely need more than a first name, actually prefer no information or questions until the very end of the reading, as more often than not the reading will provide the answers to most questions. Not with the Park Twins, they require a lot of friendly and creative digging their way to answers, make bold statements that could fit the majority of people, jobs, relationships, etc. but its the heavily marketed declaration as “very gifted and healers” which makes their charging $250 an hour, the biggest insult of all. Any decent/genuine professional psychics, especially ones who provide healings, offer a sliding scale, since their “Gift from God” should be accessible to all, not just the wealthy. (Beware the greedy psychics over selling themsselves, have saturated websites that require obtaining your email to add to theirflood of newsletter/promotions/ebooks etc. and have a staff…as almost value money/fame/recognition over helping people. The most humble are usually the most gifted, tuned in, accurate and will actually add value and benefit to your life, not focusing on reeling you in.) | Bottom Line: If I had actually done my due diligence and really looked objectively, I wouldn’t have wasted my time/energy/hope, which is why I am writing this report, to save others and my suggestions will hopefully help locate an honest talented psychic. At best, the twins should be honest and advertise as “Spiritual Life Coaches” so at least you know what you are getting into. Good Luck.

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